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Hugo Tobar is the founder of 'Neuroenergetic Kinesiology' and has been writing and developing courses since 1998. Hugo's rich cultural background comes from Ecuador and Australia. Before Kinesiology he had done a variety of things including studying Civil Engineering in Ecuador and Australia; and living 3 years in India experiencing Eastern philosophies.

Hugo studied Kinesiology in Melbourne with notable Kinesiologists such as Charles Krebs PhD, Chris Rowe and Kerryn Sedgeman. After attaining the diploma in Kinesiology from the college in Melbourne, he continued his training with Charles Krebs PhD (founder of LEAP), Richard Utt (founder of Applied Physiology) and Ian Stubbings (founder of the Stress Indicator Point System (SIPS)).

Shortly after graduation from the college he started to develop his own ideas that he later shared successfully with his colleagues. Charles Krebs PhD soon recognised the potential of his ideas and invited him to present a paper at the Applied Physiology annual meeting in Tucson Arizona in 1999. This led him to be invited to teach in institutes all over Europe, including Kirchzarten Germany, the world's largest Kinesiology Institute. The conference in Tucson Arizona was his platform to launch his worldwide teaching career, since then he has been travelling all over the world teaching Kinesiology. 

Hugo's work, Neuroenergetic Kinesiology, is now considered a major force in modern Kinesiology, with practitioners of his method all over the world. He has written over 30 courses and continues his prolific development of material that also had a deep impact in other areas of Kinesiology such as the LEAP system by Charles Krebs PhD.

His work includes topics from diverse areas such as chakras, meridians, emotions and psychology to indepth areas of anatomy and physiology such as the immune system, biochemistry, endocrine system, primitive reflexes, structure, pathology and the nervous system. He recently founded the International College of Neuroenergetic Kinesiology (files/images/extlink.png www.nkinstitute.com), and accredited it as a Registered Training Organisation (RTO) in Australia to raise the standards of his Kinesiology trainings.