Biographical Information

Hugo Tobar (Founder of Neuro Energetic Kinesiology)
  • Hugo Tobar is the founder of Neuro Energetic Kinesiology (Neuroenergetische Kinesiologie in Germany). 
  • He has had a very diverse background including studying Civil Engineering in Ecuador South America. 
  • He has also spent three years in India studying Eastern philosophies.
  • He spent two years in the Reiki volunteers program run by Denise & John Crundall.
  • In 1995 he met his ex partner Luna, with who he has two boys (Luen & Germain).
  • Studied a diploma of Holistic Kinesiology at the Kinesiology College for Energetic Sciences in Melbourne (1996 & 1997).
  • In 1998 after graduation he started his clinical practise and almost immediately started developing new techniques, the first techniques were the chakra hologram and the brain hologram.
  • By mid 1998 he was sharing these techniques with his colleagues and the kinesiology teacher that had the greatest impact on his career, Dr Charles Krebs.
  • By the end of 1998 he had teamed up with Kerrie McFarlane to produce their first workshop "Chakra Hologram". This became a five day epic combining his technical formatting skills and Kerrie's indepth knowledge of the chakras.
  • In January 1999 he taught his first Brain Hologram, to a class filled with some of the best LEAP practitioners in Australia and his Brain Kinesiology teacher.
  • In March 1999 he was invited to present these techniques at the annual Applied Physiology Conference in Tucson Arizona. His presentations were received with great acclaim, and he received invitations to teach in Germany, Belgium and Switzerland.
  • In May 1999 he first presented brain Hologram 2 and the now world famous Neural Emotional Pathways in Melbourne.
  • In June 1999 he made his first of many trips to Europe, he taught Brain Hologram in Belgium and attended Richard Utt's Amino Acid workshop in Freiburg, where he learnt many things to help with the future development of other kinesiology work.
  • Other workshops produced in 1999 were Chakra Hologram 2 (with Kerrie), The Heavenly Hologram, The Chromosomes, The Genetic I Ching Hologram, Neural Emotional Pathways 2.
  • This is as well as going to Europe in October 1999 with Kerrie.
  • In 2000 he produced The Visual Pathways Hologram, The Auditory & Vestibular Pathways Hologram, Brain Hologram 3, The Eight Extra Meridian Holographic Muscle Monitoring, Primitive Reflexes & the Brainstem 1, Brain Hologram 4.
  • He also moved to Murwillumbah in Northern New South Wales
  • In 2001 he produced Brain Hologram 5, Biochemical Pathways, Chakra Hologram 3 (with Kerrie).
  • In 2002 he has produced Brain Formatting, Holographic hormone balancing, Neural Emotional Pathways 3, Primitive reflexes and the brainstem 2.
  • He also continued to teach, in Europe and the United States
  • Other courses now produced are, The Immune and Vaccination Pathways, The Developmental pathways, Brain Holograms 6 & 7, Bioatomic Pathways
  • In 2004 he ran his first 6 week intensive that was very well received
  • He also reorganised all of the chakra work and the brain hologram work.
  • He also separated from Luna and continues to teach kinesiology world wide and be a father to his two boys.
  • Planning to set up an international kinesiology college world wide by 2006 with schools planned in Brisbane, Melbourne, Ireland, USA, London, Germany and Austria